Florentine Empire

Fiorentina Impero

Flag National Emblem

"Il crack sara mai a corto"

"The Crack will never run out"

Anthem: "Crack Dynasty"

Location of Florence (red)


and largest city

Official language

and national language

Demonym Florentine
Government Imperial Oligarchic Republic
 •  Emperor Drew Durnil XII
 •  Prime Advisor Donald
 •  Senate Elder Samuel Joel Bob
 •  Common Senate Elder Jack Kipper
Legislature Crack Guild
 •  Upper House Senate
 •  Lower House Common Senate
 •  Founded  812 AD
 •  Oligarchic Republic established 1115 AD
 •  Empire established 1569 AD 
 •  French Client State 1801 AD
 •  Empire re-established 1859 AD 
 •  Total 22,990.18 km2 (148th)

248,600 sq mi

 •  Total 2016​ estimate 3,749,430 (131th)
 •  Density 160/km2 (77th)    

(420/sq mi)

GDP (PPP) 2014 estimate
 •  Total $2.600 trillion (9th)
 •  Per capita $40,600 (25th)
GDP(nominal) 2014 estimate
 •  Total $2.840 trillion (6th)
 •  Per capita $44,340 (20th)
Gini (2013) 28

low · 17th

HDI (2014)  0.900

very high·16th

Currency Florin
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 •  Summer  CEST (UTC+2)
Date format month/day/year
Drives on the right
Calling Code +42
ISO 3166 Code BA
Internet TLD .ba

The Florentine Empire is located in the Italian peninsula. It borders few nations. These are the North Italian Union better known as Padania and the Roma-Naplean Republic which is better known as Italy.

The empire was founded in 812 when Duke Drew Durnil fought a bloody independence war against the Italian oppressors controlling Florence. He spread his influence across Tuscany and became a well loved man. He, however, had dyslexia and thus resulted in misunderstanding between him and the court. He later lead invasions into France. During his conquests he came across a weird substance which was later named Crack after the fact that once taking this substance, Drew's capability of speech will be affected. He died in 875 AD after he overdosed on Crack during an orgy.

After 8 of his descendants ruling, Donald Durnil established an Oligarchic Republic in 1115. During the Orligarchic rule, Florence lost its French territories and was forced to the land surrounding Firenze. However, this area became highly developed resulting in Firenze surpassing Rome and Constantinople as the City of the World's desire. Under the republic's rule, Crack became highly popular but was kept hidden away from foreign nations except for the lucky few.

Drew Durnil III led a rebellion against the current Florentine Head of State 'Hildeprand Bombionie'. He refounded the Florentine Empire and becmae even richer. It was under his rule that the Florentine Mafia was formed. Merchants with lots of top quality crack wrestled control away from government officials and since Drew Durnil III became a member of the mafia, the mafia became the government. The empire lasted until 1801 AD when Napolean installed his distant cousin Thomas Durnil as President of Florence. During the Second Florentine Empire, Florence expanded throughout the Italian peninsula reaching as far south as Naples.

During Thomas Durnil's rule, republican ideas spread throughout the nation. However, the empire was reduced to the city of Florence. This era saw the development of Florence into the greatest city the world had ever since.

In The Third Florentine Empire, Florence expanded to conquer all of Italy, Libya and The Horn of Africa. However, due to World War I and World War II it was reduced to its modern day territory. The Third Empire was founded in 1859 AD when Drew Durnil IX began a civil war. In 2003, the nation disappeared from Earth and its land was taken over by the new nation of 'The United Italian Republic'. 

Today, Drew Durnil XII is in control of the nation ruling it in the mythical 'Florentine Death Star' which is located in the BA Startius Star System.